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17 February 2011 @ 08:17 pm
"Take-home Credit" 1/1  
Title: "Take-home Credit"
Fandom: Assassin's Creed 2 (AU)
Pairing: Leonardo/Ezio
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
A/N: AC kink meme fill, originally posted here. This is a sequel to "After-school Lessons" because someone suggested it and my brain lit up like the fourth of July. XD

Prompt: Anon thinks it would be awesome to see them after Ezio graduates, when they get their first legal time together.


Despite Leonardo’s worries, the weeks passed without incident, although they seemed to drag on almost endlessly. Ezio did not seek him out after-hours again and Leonardo tried hard not to be disappointed by this, even though he had said not to. Ezio even behaved himself during class and, despite the occasional heated look, he seemed to be handling the wait better than Leonardo. Now that he'd had Ezio once, it was all he could think about; that and the various different ways to have him. Thankfully, his students were too excited with thoughts of the approaching summer holiday to notice if their teacher was distracted.

Eventually graduation day arrived and Leonardo sat with the other department heads on the stage as the diplomas were handed out. He couldn’t make out one student from the many that filled the room, but he imagined he felt a certain pair of eyes on him the entire time. It was bad enough when Ezio’s name was finally called and he walked right past Leonardo. His eyes had slid over to meet his teacher’s, lips curved in an anticipatory grin, and Leonardo felt like dry kindling right as the spark hits. The gymnasium had been relatively cool until then but after that it was stiflingly hot, his masters' robe and hood almost suffocating with their weight.

He was grateful when the ceremony finally came to an end and the caps went soaring into the air. Once he and his fellow teachers had been led off the stage, he fled the building. Outside it was slightly warmer than the air-conditioned auditorium, but he was at least free from the thousands of staring students and could take a moment to collect himself. This torturous countdown was still only half-over; Ezio’s birthday wasn't for another two weeks.

Two weeks that will likely feel like an eternity, he thought wryly.

As the students began to file out, he joined the other teachers in milling about, congratulating those who’d finished with top honors or who had already heard back from the dream school they’d applied to. He kept an eye out for a particular face in the crowd, but knew at the same time it would be difficult to find one person in the sea of people still streaming through the doors. Of course, even as he thought that, he heard his name called in a familiar voice.

“Mr. da Vinci!”

Leonardo turned and saw Ezio waving him over, a white-robed figure against the immaculately-dressed backdrop of his family. Leonardo actually balked at the sight until he convinced himself there was no way they could know that only weeks earlier, he’d had their son panting his name as he fucked him into his desk. He took a deep breath and then smiled back, raising a hand as he walked over to where they stood.

He had met Giovanni Auditore before after one of the many times Ezio had gotten into trouble for fighting with a classmate, but Ezio still made introductions all around. Maria Auditore was a lovely woman with an air of steel underlying her gentle aura. She confessed to having collected some of Leonardo’s paintings from when he’d dabbled as an artist before becoming a teacher. She wasn’t gushing over them but her praise still made him blush.

“I’d nearly forgotten those were still out there up for bid,” he admitted.

“Have you considered taking it up again? Perhaps just the occasional commission?”

“I’ve thought about it...” He still painted when he had the time but recently he found he couldn’t focus on scenic views or a still life when thoughts of Ezio spread out on his bed filled his mind.

Federico stood opposite Ezio in the little circle they formed and he was scanning the crowd for familiar faces. Leonardo knew him from having taught him but he seemed to have matured over the last few years at college. What would he be now…21?

Still so young, Leonardo mused and then nearly choked on that thought. God, Ezio isn’t even eighteen yet.

Giovanni’s brother Mario was a formidable man with an impressive scar over one eye and an enthusiastic handshake that nearly broke Leonardo’s arm.

“We never thought our little Ezio would take such an interest in art,” the man said and laughed while the rest of the family chuckled. Leonardo tried to join in without sounding strained, the whole time aware that Ezio was watching him.

“Yes, well, it's always good to have some sort of creative outlet,” he remarked and was grateful when the conversation shifted topics.

Ezio’s little sister Claudia was missing from the group but Leonardo suspected she had probably found her friends whose older siblings were also graduating; she had been in his beginner’s class 2 years ago. Petruccio was the shy youngest child who he had not met because, as Maria explained, he was being home-schooled.

“Ah, is that Isabella? I’ve been meaning to speak with her. Would you excuse me?” Maria slipped away from the group, Petruccio trailing behind her, and moved towards a huddle of people that Leonardo didn’t recognize.

“Isabella Vespucci,” Federico supplied helpfully. He had a wicked glint in his eyes when Leonardo turned back to him. “Ezio was dating her daughter for a while last year but she dumped him.” He seemed oblivious to the looks Ezio was shooting him, or at least he pretended he was. “She said he was too distracted, probably with thoughts of someone else.”

“Federico,” Ezio growled, looking quite murderous as he stepped forward.

“Boys,” Giovanni murmured, though his attention was elsewhere. Leonardo glanced in the direction he was looking and saw Headmaster de’ Medici speaking with a student. Still, that one word broke up the fight that was brewing before it escalated any further, although Ezio continued to glare at his older brother. Giovanni turned back to Leonardo, apparently satisfied with whatever he’d seen. “Mr. da Vinci, we’re having a birthday celebration for Ezio later this month and we wanted to extend an invitation to you. As a thank you,” he added, when Leonardo just stared blankly. “Maria and I think it’s good that he’s had someone like you to be a good influence on him over the years.” Leonardo smiled weakly, trying not to think too hard about his influence on Ezio—or vice versa.

“Of course. It’s been a pleasure teaching Ezio.”

His mind quite helpfully supplied him with a few images of what he'd taught Ezio last month and he struggled not to let his expression show it. He couldn't look at Ezio, too afraid the same thing was going through his mind. Luckily, he was saved from any other unfortunately worded phrases.

“Excellent. Ezio can give you the address and time. Mario, come with me a moment.” The two men excused themselves and moved on and Leonardo suddenly realized Federico had disappeared as well. That left him alone—relatively—with Ezio. It was incredible how even surrounded by hundreds of fellow students and faculty, Leonardo felt as if a bubble had been dropped over them, sealing them in their own little world.

“I, uh, wrote everything down here,” Ezio said, holding out a folded piece of paper. As Leonardo took it, their fingers brushed and he felt something like a static shock. He realized they hadn’t touched at all since that afternoon after-school. He’d been trying so hard to be good that he must have been avoiding all contact, even accidental. Ezio looked reluctant to draw away but he did so, shifting from foot to foot uncertainly.

“The party is Friday night,” he went on, “but my birthday is actually Saturday. My parents thought I might want to go out with my friends that night.”

Leonardo nodded, glancing down at the note he was turning over and over in his hands. He’d had no shortage of ideas for the day Ezio finally became legal, but all of them now seemed too daunting to speak out loud. He hadn’t even considered Ezio might want to hang out with his friends.

“I was hoping maybe we could—“


Ezio was cut off by the shout and someone barreling into him from behind, nearly knocking him into his teacher. Three young men suddenly crowded around him, all talking excitedly. Leonardo took a step back, a little overwhelmed by the abrupt escalation in noise.

“It’s over, man! We are finally free!”

“We heard your brother's throwing you a party?”

“Sorry, Mr. da Vinci! Can we steal him for a minute?”

Ezio looked just as startled by the interruption and definitely nonplussed, especially when his friends began to lead him away towards another group that was waving and shouting for a group picture. He threw a glance over his shoulder, his expression somewhere between frustration and a plea for help, but Leonardo forced himself to smile back. To distract himself from the disappointment of having Ezio snatched away before they could really talk, he unfolded and looked at the note.

Scribbled in Ezio's handwriting was an address, date and time, and a phone number.


The phone number presented an interesting conundrum that Leonardo was still puzzling over the next day. Was it a home phone? If so, he ran the risk of getting someone other than Ezio and would then have to explain why he had phoned the house. He had never been good with lying and with the school year over, it seemed unlikely for a teacher to be calling. That meant it was probably a cell number but that did nothing to ease his nerves. Even though Ezio was not technically his student anymore, Leonardo was still hounded by the fear of being caught with an underage young man. There was no evidence of their one time together but certainly having his cell number would raise a few eyebrows.

“This is ridiculous,” he muttered aloud. “Clearly he wanted me to call or he wouldn't have given a number, and he wouldn't have given out one that just anyone would answer, right? Right.” He punched the digits into his phone and hit “send” before his resolve faltered.

By the third ring, he had completed a mental one-eighty and was convinced he'd dialed the main house. He was paralyzed by the thought that any minute Maria or Giovanni or perhaps even Claudia would pick up and ask who was calling. Hanging up hardly seemed an option either, when most phones these days had caller id. When the possibility of having to leave a message struck him, he nearly dropped the phone. Then the ringing abruptly ended as someone—or something—picked up and Leonardo braced himself.


He released a silent sigh of relief at the familiar voice on the other end, although it came over the line as a low mumble and barely sounded coherent. Leonardo glanced at his clock, wondering if he'd picked a bad time, but saw it was nearly 10.

“Um, Ezio? It's...Leonardo.”

“Oh. Hey.” It was amazing how much his voice could change over just two words. He sounded surprised at first and then his voice dropped into a softer tone that made a stupid smile break out on Leonardo's face and something flutter in his chest.

“Hey,” the teacher echoed, instinctively adopting the same tone. “Did I wake you?” There was a rustling sound and Leonardo tried hard not to think of Ezio in bed, Ezio moving around under the sheets, Ezio probably wearing very little under the sheets...

“Yeah but I don't mind.” He was beginning to sound a little more awake now. “We had a ton of people come over last night; Federico wanted to throw one last party for me. I drank so much soda I don't think I stopped vibrating from the caffeine until close to 4.” He chuckled and Leonardo couldn't help shaking his head, even though he knew Ezio couldn't see it. “So...what's up?”

“I was calling about your birthday.”

“Yeah?” There was a slightly breathless quality to Ezio’s voice that made Leonardo's pulse leap.

“Yes.” Leonardo licked his lips nervously and struggled on. “I was thinking if you don’t have any plans—with your friends, I mean—I would like to take you out to dinner.” The words felt so awkward, they were nearly painful.

“Yeah, sure! I, uh, I was hoping you’d want to do something.” It was a little gratifying to hear Ezio also stumbling over his words, his blush practically audible through the phone. “And then after dinner…?”

“We’ll talk about that at dinner,” Leonardo said firmly. He'd given this whole situation plenty of thought and vowed that if they were going to do this, they would do it right, like adults. Especially if there was more to the tension between them than just carnal desires.

A long pause followed his words and Leonardo wondered if Ezio was going to say something that would prove him wrong, something to the effect of wanting only sex and not the trappings of a relationship. The silence stretched on and then he heard that rustling sound again. Ezio’s voice returned, low and throaty and sounding as if he had the phone pressed right up against his lips.

“I can't stop thinking about you.”

The words were like liquid sin, pouring into his ear and dripping down through him, leaving a tingling warmth in their wake. Leonardo found himself clutching his phone in a white-knuckle grip and tried to relax.


“I did what you said but it’s not the same.” Ezio’s voice hitched on the last word and Leonardo could suddenly—and quite clearly—picture what was going on at the other end of the line. “I want your hands on me.” The emphasis on the word came out as a frustrated growl and Leonardo squeezed his eyes shut, praying for control. His own arousal tented the front of his slacks and he pressed a hand there, trying to will his erection away unsuccessfully.

It would be so easy to let things take their natural course, to coax Ezio along with murmured instructions until he was gasping Leonardo's name. He had certainly missed that sound these last two weeks with only memory to serve him. It was so tempting and yet it went completely against his decision to treat Ezio like an adult and not just give in to the demands of his lust-addled mind.

He didn’t realize how long he’d been silent, while his conscience waged war with the demands of his dick, until he heard the sheets rustling again.

“Leonardo?” The uncertainty in Ezio's voice is what finally brought him back down to earth.

“Yes. Yes, I’m here,” he said, releasing a shaky breath. “Ezio, you are going to be the death of me.” Though I doubt I will mind. “I'm trying to go about this properly but you make it very hard.” He thought he heard a muffled snicker, probably at his choice of words, and couldn't help smiling. “I have enough trouble trying not to think about you all the time without you adding fuel to the fire.” He tried to keep his tone light, hoping to stamp out the fuse that had been burning down to a yet another breaking point. He heard more shifting under the sheets.

“You know what I'm going to do once we hang up,” Ezio said, his voice a little more steady but with a touch of challenge in his words. Leonardo chuckled.

“Of course, but if I'm going to listen to you, I want to be able to see you as well. And touch you and taste you.” Leonardo's voice had grown hoarse again, his thoughts once more heading into dangerous territory, so he cleared his throat and tried again. “I think I'd rather wait and have all of that than just a quickie over the phone, hm?”

The silence spoke volumes, Ezio no doubt blushing in embarrassment at his desperation only moments earlier.

“Good point,” he mumbled sheepishly and Leonardo smiled.

“I will see you at your birthday party then,” he said and then hesitated as he thought of something. “Was there anything you wanted? As a present?”


There was a trace of heat in that one word but also a touch of hope and that soft, unspoken emotion that had warmed his tone at the beginning of their conversation. Leonardo felt heat in his cheeks as his heart did a fluttery dance in his chest again.

“I will see you soon,” he said, hating the inadequacy of his words.


Reluctantly, Leonardo hit “end” and stared at the blinking call time without really seeing it. Eventually, he shook free of his thoughts and realized his erection from before had not completely diminished. Tossing the phone on his couch with a frustrated sigh, he headed for the bathroom. No doubt Ezio would be resuming what he'd started on the phone and that would give him plenty to think about as he took care of his own problem.


The idea for a gift came to Leonardo a few days later, as he was preparing his students' final grades to send in for their report cards. It had sent him running all over town looking for a store that sold the proper materials for what he wanted to do, and then he ended up doing most of the work at the school, since his studio apartment had little space. That would have been fine, since the place should have been deserted for the summer, but apparently not everyone was gone for the holiday. The janitor had lurked just around the corner from where he was spraying fixative, his violet eyes both intrigued and smugly all-knowing. Leonardo shot him an exasperated look and retreated to his classroom to finish once the canvas was dry.

By the time the day of the party rolled around, the present sat patiently by his apartment door, a 24x15 inch rectangle wrapped carefully in heavy brown paper and tied with twine. He had debated trying to wrap it again in more celebratory paper but decided that would just be overkill. He was already starting to have second thoughts about his choice but told himself after all the work put into wrapping it, he had no choice but to give it to Ezio.

After at least an hour of debating an outfit that would be “appropriate” for the evening—and reminding himself he'd be going through this again tomorrow—Leonardo hurried out the door, the directions in his pocket and the present held carefully by two corners. In the end, he'd chosen khakis and a light blue dress shirt, figuring that something he would wear to school should be okay for a family get-together. He buckled the gift in the backseat and then spent the drive over constantly checking his rear-view mirror to make sure it was still seated snugly back there.

Ezio's family lived in the richer part of town, which was unsurprising considering his father owned a bank with several locations. The house itself was practically a mansion—at least three stories high—though the outside was conservative when compared to some of the others he'd driven past.

The anxiety from graduation day returned as Leonardo parked and climbed out of his car, though it was mixed with some irritation now. At some point, he was going to have to get over his terror at talking with Ezio's family, especially if he wanted things to last beyond their first date, but he kept telling himself they could address those issues once they were past Ezio's birthday. For now, he was still seventeen and Leonardo did not fancy trying to tell either of Ezio's parents of his intentions.

God forbid his uncle finds out, he thought wearily. Retrieving the present from his backseat, he made his way up the front steps and rang the doorbell.

Maria was the first to greet him and she smiled warmly as she held the door open for him.

“Mr. da Vinci, I'm so glad you could make it.”

“Thank you for inviting me. And please, call me Leonardo.”

She inclined her head to acknowledge this as she shut the door. Her eyes flickered briefly to the package in his arms, but though he saw curiosity in her expression, she didn't ask about it.

“Let me show you where you can set that. It looks a little cumbersome.”

“A bit,” he agreed, and couldn't help looking around with a touch of wonder as he was led through the house.

While not as reserved as the outside, the interior décor was still far from gaudy. There was a refined elegance that spoke of owners who had wealth but preferred not to flaunt it. When they at last came to a room and Maria gestured for him to enter, Leonardo froze in the doorway, staring at a painting that hung opposite the entrance.

It was of a woman's head, her face tilted down as if looking at something in her arms or her lap. Her hair fell in waves around her but the curls were hazy, like they had been left unfinished, and there was only the bare outline of her neck and shoulders. Her face held the most detail, revealing the gentle look of love and tenderness that was undiminished by her downward gaze. The lines of the drawing were done in a warm sienna and Leonardo remembered how frustrating it had been to get exactly the right hue he had wanted for that piece.

Maria glanced between him and the picture, smiling enigmatically.

“It's a lovely portrait. Did you mean to leave it unfinished?” she asked.

Leonardo blushed, both at the question and at himself for staring at his own work like an idiot. He moved into the room to lean his gift against the wall, next to the table where a small pile of presents lay waiting.

“I had intended to go back and add a little more detail,” he explained, “but when I took this teaching job, it got put in a box and I never could find it again. Now I see it must have been mixed in with the finished works I eventually gave my agent to sell.” He glanced at Maria somewhat sheepishly. “I hope you didn't have to pay full price for something half-done.”

“Nonsense,” she replied, dismissing his comment with a wave of her hand. “I think it's beautiful as it is so don't worry about what I paid for it.” She hooked her arm with his and led him out into the hall again.

They found the rest of the family in the spacious den and Leonardo was relieved to see he wasn't the only non-relative there. He was a little surprised to see Headmaster de' Medici, considering Ezio's track record with the school's authority, but judging by the way he was speaking with Giovanni, they apparently knew each other outside of Ezio's visits to the office. Aside from the headmaster and himself, there weren't any others from the school but there were several faces he didn't recognize.

He had told himself not to but almost immediately after entering the room with Maria, his eyes sought out Ezio. The young man was standing with Federico off to the side, his back to the door, but his brother must have said something because shortly after Leonardo spotted him, Ezio spun around. When he saw Leonardo, his face brightened and Leonardo felt the now-familiar squeeze around his heart. Thankfully, he did not come rushing over but Maria apparently noticed the exchange and, with her arm still linked with Leonardo's, they drifted over.

“Hey, uh, Mr. da Vinci,” Ezio said and Leonardo wondered if the others noticed his slight hesitation. Apparently neither one of them was good at subterfuge.

“Happy birthday, Ezio,” Leonardo replied. “A day early, that is.” Ezio looked good, dressed in a short-sleeved, white dress shirt and black slacks, quite different from his usual school attire of a t-shirt and jeans.

Behave yourself, his conscience reminded him.

“Ezio said you were taking him to dinner tomorrow,” Maria spoke up, her tone casual, and Leonardo's heart stopped. He tried not to let any of the sudden panic he felt show in his expression; he was impressed that he saw nothing in Ezio's eyes. Finally, he managed a smile and a chuckle he felt probably looked normal.

“Ah, yes, if that's all right?” Maria's smile was warm and genuine, not a trace of distrust or suspicion in her eyes as she replied.

“Of course. I'm sure Giovanni said this after the graduation ceremony, but we're very grateful Ezio has had a teacher like you to help him stay grounded in his studies. We all know he's had problems 'acting out'.”

Mother,” Ezio huffed but Maria just chuckled and unwound her arm from Leonardo's, patting her son on the cheek.

“I'm going to make sure your father isn't discussing another of his crazy business proposals with Lorenzo.” She turned to Leonardo. “Please make yourself at home. There are drinks and hors d'oeuvres in the kitchen; Ezio can show you where.”

Leonardo was desperate to ask exactly how Ezio had gone about telling his parents about their date, but with Federico around he had to maintain his appearance as just a teacher.

“How is college going?” he asked the elder brother, who shrugged.

“Good. I've been trying to convince Ezio to join me but he says he's not interested in business school.” Federico chuckled as Ezio frowned, arms crossed in a distinctly defensive posture.

“I just said I haven't decided yet, that's all.” Leonardo made a mental note to try pursuing that topic the following evening over dinner. Ezio's plans for the future—and how it affected them—had been on his mind since that afternoon in the classroom, but he knew they could talk more openly once they were alone.

They managed to make conversation until Ezio finally asked if Leonardo wanted something to drink and led him to the kitchen. Like the other rooms he'd seen, this one was just as spacious with a counter that served as a divider separating the room into the dining and cooking areas. The chairs had been removed but there was a long table with quite a spread of food laid out on fancy serving dishes. Ezio went to stand behind the counter where various bottles of wine, beer, soda and a large bowl of punch sat.

“Punch is fine, thank you,” Leonardo said when Ezio gestured to the drinks. Now that they were alone, Leonardo felt some of his anxiety fade, no longer having to wonder if someone was watching him watch Ezio. “So, you mentioned the dinner?”

Ezio glanced at him almost guiltily, pausing with the punch ladle halfway to the glass, then looked down at what he was doing.

“Yeah. I thought, um, if you were going to pick me up...” He trailed off as he walked over to hand Leonardo the drink.

“It's fine,” Leonardo said with a reassuring smile. He reached out to touch Ezio's arm, his fingers brushing against skin briefly before he forced himself to draw away. “I actually prefer not having to sneak around it.”

“Oh, well...I didn't mention that it was a...a date,” Ezio said, glancing down again, his cheeks pink. Leonardo wanted to kiss him suddenly, to take away that hesitancy and replace it with the eager hunger he'd witnessed before.

“That's fine, too,” he said instead, gripping the glass like it was a lifeline. “Let's see how it goes and then you can decide how to approach them about it.” Ezio nodded and this time when he looked up, he was smiling. Leonardo swallowed, feeling again the urge to kiss him. “We should probably go back to the party.”

“Yeah,” Ezio said but neither of them were willing to make the first move. Finally, with clear reluctance, Ezio turned and led the way back to the den, Leonardo trailing after him.

As they re-entered the room, Maria approached, saying she had someone she wanted to introduce Leonardo to. Apparently she felt the need to ensure Leonardo did not get stuck talking only to his student for the evening. As much as he wouldn't mind that, he still smiled and let himself be led over to a couple he had previously noted as other non-relatives.

The man looked to be about Leonardo's age, perhaps a little older, and carried himself with the stiff air of someone who had spent time in the military. He seemed restless, sometimes resting his hands on his hips and then dropping them to his sides after a moment. The woman at his side was almost dainty in comparison, her head just coming to the man's shoulders and her arms folded modestly in front of her. Surprisingly, she looked considerably younger that the man, like she could be closer to Federico's age. Both looked up with interest as Leonardo was brought over.

“Leonardo, this is Bartolomeo d'Alviano and his wife, Pantasilea. Bartolomeo is an instructor at the military academy just outside of town and Pantasilea is taking courses at Federico's school,” Maria explained. “Leonardo is the head of the art department at the high school.”

Bartolomeo stuck his hand out to shake Leonardo's, his grip nearly as crushing as Mario's had been; Pantasilea's, thankfully, was only politely firm.

Maria left him to check on her other guests, ever the considerate hostess, and Leonardo was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't difficult to make conversation with this pair. Bartolomeo had a gruff voice and talked a little louder than was necessary, perhaps, but whenever his voice would rise in volume, his wife laid a hand on his arm and he immediately would pause and start again, this time in tones more conducive to speaking indoors.

They discussed the differences between a public school like Leonardo's versus the private academy Bartolomeo worked at—aside from the military focus—and Pantasilea was exceptionally well-versed in both classic and modern art history, challenging Leonardo to reach back to memories of his college years in order to keep up. He hadn't realized an hour had gone by until Maria returned to say they were gathering in the other room so Ezio could open his presents.

Leonardo's pulse quickened as he followed his companions and the worry from before of what Ezio would think had come back. As he watched Ezio examine the gifts—and saw him peering curiously at Leonardo's, so different from the brightly-wrapped boxes—his doubts redoubled. Ezio started with the presents on the table but after opening several and expressing his thanks, he gave in to his curiosity and picked up the oversized rectangle.

Leonardo belatedly realized he had forgotten to put a tag on it but when Ezio glanced up and their eyes met, he offered a small nod. It would be obvious enough who the gift was from once it was unwrapped. Ezio tugged at the bows in the twine and peeled away the brown paper with more care than he'd shown the other presents. When he'd pushed aside enough to reveal the corner of a polished oak frame, Leonardo thought he heard Maria murmur her approval, but he couldn't look to see. He felt transfixed, watching Ezio for some kind of reaction. At first, the young man just stared at the picture, his blank expression making Leonardo's stomach twist uneasily, but then a blush crept slowly up his face and he looked up at his teacher.

“What is it, Ezio?” Maria spoke up after a moment had passed. “Turn it around so we can see.”

Hesitantly, Ezio did so. The picture behind the glass was his year-end project: the scenic view done in pastels. He had made a few subtle changes before submitting it for the final grade, but otherwise it was the same as the afternoon he'd asked Leonardo to help him with it. Once it was revealed, several of the guests, along with his parents, moved closer for a better look.

“This is your work?” Giovanni asked and chuckled when Ezio nodded, his ears and cheeks still pink. “There's nothing to be embarrassed about, son. It's very well done.”

But Leonardo knew the real cause for the flushed expression and he was trying hard not to succumb to the same thoughts. His heart beat rapidly in his chest and he felt his smile widen as Ezio met his eyes again. This had been the right choice, after all. The others would see it as a sweet gesture from a teacher to his student, but for them, the picture held a deeper meaning.

Once everyone had had a chance to examine the painting and shower Ezio with praise—as well as remark to Leonardo what a thoughtful gift it was—Ezio finished opening the rest of his gifts and then they moved to the kitchen for cake and ice cream. As they filed out, Ezio somehow managed to time his exit so he brushed past Leonardo in the doorway. His hand found Leonardo's and he gave a quick squeeze, throwing a grin over his shoulder as he moved on. Leonardo couldn't help the ridiculous smile he felt forming in response.

When the party began to wind down a few hours later, Leonardo said his goodbyes to Bartolomeo and Pantasilea and moved over to where Maria and Giovanni were speaking with Lorenzo.

“Thank you again for inviting me,” he said, once there was a lull in their conversation.

“It was our pleasure,” Giovanni replied. “We’re glad you could make it.”

“The painting you framed for Ezio is lovely,” Maria spoke up. “It's a shame he doesn't have more interest in becoming an artist, but even so, you did an incredible job shaping what skill he has.” Leonardo felt himself blushing again, flustered by the praise.

“Ah, well, thank you.” He held up a hand when it seemed Maria was going to see him to the door. “Please, don't let me interrupt you. I can let myself out.”

“All right. Have a good night, Leonardo.”

“You do the same.”

He glanced around as he left the room but didn't see Ezio. Trying not to let his disappointment show, he reminded himself they would see each other again the following evening. He would just have to call to confirm what time he should pick him up.

He was almost to the front door, passing by an adjoining hallway, when movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention and as he turned to see what it was, someone ran into him. It was obvious who when lips sealed over his own and a tongue delved into his mouth eagerly. Ezio pressed him into the wall, his hands coming up to cup his face and his kiss nearly as desperate as it had been a month ago. Leonardo was too stunned at first to react, his hands hovering uselessly at his shoulders, but then he decided not to argue, not when everyone else was still in the den.

Slipping his arms around Ezio's waist, he kissed back with the hunger he'd been keeping at bay for weeks, devouring the muffled sounds Ezio made as the young man ground against him. It seemed to go on and on and yet it wasn't long enough; surprisingly, Ezio was the one to break their lip-lock. His cheeks were flushed, his lips reddened from their kissing, and Leonardo could feel him trembling, possibly with the effort of holding himself back.

“I love it,” Ezio whispered, and Leonardo knew he meant the painting. “Thank you.”

“You're welcome,” Leonardo murmured, one hand rubbing circles on Ezio's back, his fingers drinking in the feel of him. “Is seven o'clock all right for tomorrow?”

Ezio nodded then leaned forward for one last quick kiss. This time when it ended, he released Leonardo and stepped back, clearly trying to collect himself before he had to return to the den; Leonardo was grateful he could escape to his car. He backed the last few steps to the door and then paused, not surprised to find his own hand shaking a little as he rested it on the door knob.

“Good night, Ezio.”

“Good night.”


At seven o'clock sharp, Leonardo was again pulling up to the Auditore household with his stomach in knots. He'd had butterflies all day but it had grown worse the closer it came for him to leave his apartment. On the drive over, he alternated lifted one hand off the steering wheel to hold it to the vent, trying to dry his palms. He'd chosen a black suit for the evening—his only suit, really—with a deep blue shirt and matte silver tie. As he'd been getting dressed, he realized he'd never mentioned to Ezio where he was taking him to dinner, but the thought of calling so last-minute had been too daunting to attempt. Especially when after their “goodnight” the previous evening, Leonardo was finding it harder than ever to convince himself to behave, at least through their first date.

As he stepped out of the car, already trying to think of answers to some of the questions Ezio’s parents might ask—where were they going, why was he so dressed up, when was he bringing Ezio back—the front door to the house opened and Ezio himself came out. He was also wearing a suit and as he came down the driveway, Leonardo saw his shirt was a rich crimson and his tie black. He was so stunned by the sight—how it seemed to age Ezio a year or two—that he didn't even notice the backpack Ezio had over one shoulder until he stopped by the car. The young man shifted nervously under the attention, suddenly reminding Leonardo of that fateful afternoon that had started all of this.

“I told my parents you'd drop me off at a friend's house afterward,” Ezio said. “If, um, if I can't stay with you?” He shuffled his feet again, trying to look nonchalant while fighting to hide which option was his obvious preference. Leonardo swallowed and chastised himself for staring.

“We can talk about it at dinner,” he replied and Ezio nodded. “Go ahead and put your bag in the back.”

It wasn't until they were pulling away from the house that Leonardo remembered to be relieved he didn't have to face his parents again.

Neither spoke on the way over, the tension so palpable Leonardo nearly opened a window just to see if that would help. He kept his hands firmly on the steering wheel, resisting the urge to reach over and touch Ezio, even if only to take his hand and remind himself this was really happening. Ezio, on the other hand, spent most of the ride looking out his window, drumming his fingers on his knees restlessly. The looming specter of his age was gone, but Leonardo was afraid that if he started with one touch, he’d be unable to stop. Assuming things went that far tonight, he had hoped it would be in the comfort of his bed and not the car.

The restaurant was a cozy little Italian establishment that Leonardo had chosen because it was upscale dining without being too formal. The booths had high backs that gave each table a modicum of privacy and Leonardo had specifically requested one instead of a table when he’d placed the reservation. Once they were seated, the waiter came over to explain the specials and Ezio watched, bemused, as Leonardo asked for their vegetarian recommendations. He was still puzzling over this revelation when the waiter left to give them time to decide.

“You don’t eat any meat?” he asked and Leonardo shook his head. “Really?”

“It’s not that unusual these days,” the teacher said. “You don’t have any friends who are vegetarians?” Now it was Ezio's turn to shake his head but a thoughtful furrow was forming between his brows.

“What about eggs?”

“I will eat eggs.”


“No.” Leonardo chuckled when Ezio looked even more confused and decided to explain. “I don’t like the idea of causing pain to any animal, so that’s why I choose not to eat meat.” Ezio nodded and looked down at the menu, letting that sink in, but then his head jerked up, his expression stricken.

“Does it bother you that I eat meat?”

It probably wasn’t the best reaction but Leonardo couldn’t help but laugh, though he tried to smother it with his hand. Ezio looked so distraught by the idea, he wondered what the young man would do if he said yes. Instead, he tried to calm himself and look a bit more serious as he leaned forward to pat Ezio's hand.

“No, Ezio, you’re fine,” he said. “I don’t expect you to change your eating habits to suit my choices.” The worry in Ezio's expression lingered a moment more and then faded. Before Leonardo could draw away his hand, Ezio shifted to lace their fingers together, smiling shyly. Leonardo felt his heart hiccup in its rhythm and left their hands together for a few more minutes before giving his fingers a squeeze and pulling free. Shortly after that, the waiter returned to take their orders.

When he was gone again, it left them with some time to themselves while they waited for the food to be ready. Ezio fidgeted with his glass of water, rubbing his thumb down the sides of the glass to smear away the condensation. He glanced up when Leonardo cleared his throat.

“So how does it feel, now that you’ve graduated?”

“About the same,” Ezio said with a shrug, “with a few exceptions.” A smirk tugged at the young man’s lips and Leonardo had no doubt what he meant by that.

“What are your plans for college?” Ezio's expression closed down and his gaze returned to the glass and he shrugged again. Leonardo wondered if his parents were pushing for him to go in one direction when he wanted to do something else. “I imagine there’s probably some pressure to work towards taking over the family business?” Leonardo’s suspicions were confirmed when a faint scowl stole across Ezio's face, but when no reply seemed forthcoming, the teacher sighed. “Ezio, I am not trying to pry but I would like to know. Perhaps I can help you decide on a major?”

“I just don't know,” Ezio muttered, sitting back in his seat and abandoning the glass. His eyes were a whirlwind of emotions: frustration, irritation, confusion. “Father is grooming Federico to eventually work for the bank and he keeps saying I should do the same but…” He looked away again but Leonardo waited patiently until he was ready to continue. “It’s boring! It’s not what I want to do and I’ve tried telling him that…”

“Do you have any idea of what you might want to do?” Leonardo half-expected another careless shrug but Ezio instead just looked at him before eventually glancing down.

“I want to stay here,” he said quietly, and although the with you went unspoken, Leonardo still heard it. He’d been worried Ezio might say that.

“Ezio, you can’t put off college just because we slept together,” he sighed. “I don’t want that and you shouldn’t either.” Ezio was still staring at the table, his hands in his lap, and Leonardo was reminded again of their age difference. Perhaps a different tactic was necessary. “The college Federico is going to is not that far from my apartment. There’s no reason we couldn’t continue seeing each other even if you went there.” Ezio’s head whipped up so fast, Leonardo was amazed he didn’t hurt himself. Hope was beginning to dawn on his face.

“Could I stay with you?”

Leonardo hesitated, trying to figure out how best to word his reply.

“College is a very important step in life,” he began, and winced at how awkward and “fatherly” his words sounded. “You can meet some very interesting people there, and living in a dorm gives you a chance to be free from your parent's rules for once.” He held up a hand when Ezio opened his mouth, no doubt to argue that he could do the same living with Leonardo. “Plus, I think some colleges require their freshman to stay on campus so they can better keep an eye on them and make sure they’re not having any problems.” Ezio frowned, clearly not happy, so Leonardo pulled out his trump card. “And what would your parents say? They might be willing to accept us having a relationship but I doubt they’d look as kindly on it if you suddenly announced you were moving in with me.”

Apparently that thought hadn't crossed Ezio's mind because he just stared at Leonardo for a full minute, stunned, before ducking his head again. Leonardo twisted his napkin in his lap, hating the silence and himself for having to bring up all the troublesome “adult” issues. He was beginning to wonder if the rest of the night would be like this when Ezio finally looked up.

“How about my second year?” he asked slowly, testing the waters, and Leonardo tilted his head to the side as he thought about this.

“Yes,” he said finally, “we could try that.” He decided to worry about the “living together” talk when the time came. For now, it was worth the brilliant smile that broke out on Ezio’s face just to agree to try. With that out of the way, the gloom that had threatened to spoil the evening was forgotten. Ezio opened up a little about the few majors he'd been considering and soon enough, the food had arrived. A more comfortable silence fell between them as they indulged in their meals.

Leonardo caught Ezio peering curiously at his plate, eying the purple-gray lump that was his eggplant parmesan, and finally offered to let him try it. Without giving any thought to the gesture, he cut a piece off and held it out with his own fork. Ezio glanced between the morsel and Leonardo and as suddenly as if a switch had been thrown, there was a charge in the air between them.

Leonardo felt his mouth go dry as Ezio leaned forward, lips parting at first to accept the bite and then tightening as they slid down the tines of the fork, taking the bit of eggplant with them. Ezio hadn't done it with lascivious intent but the effect remained the same, and Leonardo realized he was once again staring at Ezio's mouth only when the young man licked his lips and grinned. The teacher blushed and immediately looked down at his plate, struggling unsuccessfully to clear his mind of thoughts of those lips wrapped around something else. He was grateful the napkin in his lap helped to hide the effects of that mental image.

When the waiter returned to ask about dessert, Leonardo instead requested the check. Ezio was practically buzzing with anticipation, fidgeting in his seat as his teacher signed the appropriate slips of paper and then jumping up once it was clear they were done. Leonardo felt a matching eagerness humming through him as they walked out to the car. He paused by the passenger door, intending to open it for Ezio, but the young man turned and tilted his head up, golden-brown eyes hopeful, and it was so easy to cross the distance and seal their lips together.

Their breaths mixed as Leonardo chased Ezio’s tongue with his own and the young man’s arms came up to twine about his neck. He groaned and the sound seemed to vibrate across Leonardo’s nerves and straight down to his cock, encouraging him to press Ezio up against the side of the car so that he could feel the hard length of Ezio’s arousal against his hip. Then he remembered they were still in the parking lot of the restaurant, in plain view of anyone who happened to look outside, and he broke their kiss, though he couldn’t convince himself to step back completely. Ezio slid his hands down Leonardo’s chest to finger the lapels of his suit coat and he looked nervous once again.

“So…can I stay the night at your place?” he whispered. Leonardo didn’t trust his voice to respond so he just nodded, feeling a swell of giddy happiness when Ezio smiled. Onlookers be damned, he leaned forward to kiss him again, slow and sweet despite the staccato beat of his racing heart. When Ezio shifted against him with an impatient noise, desperate for friction against his trapped erection, that’s when Leonardo finally pulled away.

“Okay.” His voice came out hoarse so cleared his throat and tried again. “Okay.” He wasn’t even sure if he was speaking to Ezio or himself, but the word gave him something to focus on, to remind himself to step back. He managed to get the key in the passenger side door and unlock it, then hurried around to his side as Ezio got in.

He almost fell to temptation again after starting the car because he made the mistake of glancing over at Ezio, who was illuminated by the dashboard lights. He was watching Leonardo with obvious hunger, his hands clutching the edges of his seat as if he, too, was fighting not to lunge across the gearshift and kiss him again. Leonardo swallowed hard and faced forward, gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles, at least until they were out of the parking lot. Then he reached out to rest a hand on Ezio’s thigh, lightly at first, and then kneading at the muscles more firmly when Ezio let out a breathy moan. It was torture for both of them, as Ezio tried to relax under what should have been a soothing touch, and Leonardo fought the urge to slide his hand any lower.

After the interminable drive home and the agony of the slowest elevator ride ever, they were finally in the safe confines of Leonardo’s apartment, away from prying eyes, with the door clicking shut behind them. Leonardo threw the bolt and turned to see Ezio looking around curiously. Although it was technically a studio apartment, with just one room and a bathroom, it was of decent size. The front door opened into a tiny kitchen and beyond that was a small living room, though aside from the couch and tv, most of the space was taken up by boxes of mounted canvas and more than one easel. They left their shoes on the mat and Leonardo took Ezio’s hand and led him further into the apartment, revealing an alcove to the left that hadn’t been visible from the doorway; this was where the bed was hiding. Around the corner, on the other side of the wall from the kitchen, was the bathroom.

Leonardo watched Ezio take all this in, practically overwhelmed by the fact that he finally had the young man here, in his home, all to himself. Ezio dropped his backpack on the floor and crossed to the bed, tugging Leonardo after him by their clasped hands. Once there, he let go to start shrugging out of his coat but he paused when Leonardo cupped his face and took his mouth in another languid kiss.

“Let me,” Leonardo murmured. “I’ve been waiting for the chance to see all of you and we have all night, after all. No need to rush.” Ezio blushed but nodded, letting his hands fall to his sides. Leonardo slid his own hands under the suit jacket to push it off Ezio’s shoulders, tossing it on the armchair at the foot of the bed that was already home to several of shirts. Next he moved on to the tie, nipping at Ezio’s lips as he unwound the knot and sent it sailing after the jacket. As his fingers dropped to the shirt’s buttons, he trailed kisses down Ezio’s throat and as each button came free, he pressed his lips to the skin beneath. Ezio shivered as the chaste kisses crept lower, eventually helping shrug off his shirt before putting his hands on Leonardo’s shoulders as if to steady himself.

With the shirt gone, Leonardo sat on the bed and pulled Ezio forward to stand between his legs, leaning close and breathing deep. He could smell the cologne he’d put on—the same from their first time together—and a faint, clean scent that was probably body wash. Ezio’s arousal was straining against the front of his pants but Leonardo was keeping his hands above the belt for now.

Gripping Ezio’s hips, he pressed another gentle kiss to his stomach and then traced a circle around his navel with the tip of his tongue, bracing Ezio when he bucked in reaction. He did the same to a spot just above his waistband and then repeated this torture for a few minutes, littering Ezio's skin with nonsensical shapes and scrapes of teeth. Ezio twitched with each brush of his tongue and before long he was shaking all over.

“Leonardo, please,” he panted and Leonardo felt his own cock jump in response to the absolute need in that voice.

“Sorry,” he breathed, leaving one last apologetic kiss before looking up into dilated, golden-brown eyes. “I just love the sounds you make.” Ezio glared indignantly but the teasing was quickly forgotten when Leonardo moved his hands to Ezio’s belt.

With deft fingers, he soon had Ezio's pants and boxers pushed past his hips to his ankles and he helped Ezio step out of them. His cock stuck out proudly now that it was free and Leonardo gripped the base with one hand, scattering light kisses down the length and smiling as Ezio moaned in response. Figuring he had teased him enough, he swirled his tongue around the head once before leaning forward and taking him into his mouth. Ezio gasped something that sounded like “yes” and then his hands clenched fistfuls of Leonardo’s jacket when his teacher began to suck.

Keeping one hand on Ezio’s hip, Leonardo shifted his other hand to massage Ezio's balls as he bobbed his head slowly, keeping his lips tight and his tongue sliding along the underside of his cock. Ezio seemed torn between wanting to thrust his hips to get deeper and taking Leonardo’s hand on his hip as a sign to stay still. He ended up slightly bent over, leaning more heavily on his teacher and whimpering after a particularly deep thrust.

Leonardo reluctantly drew away when he felt Ezio begin to tremble, his balls tightening in his grasp. He pressed a final kiss to the head and grinned when Ezio twitched. His own erection was aching and he wanted nothing more than to throw Ezio down on the bed and ravish him, despite his words about taking his time. Before they did anything else, though, he needed to get out of his clothes. He took Ezio’s hands off his shoulders, intending to have him sit on the bed, but Ezio suddenly bent down to capture his lips hungrily.

“I-I want… I want to…” Ezio started to say and then trailed off, his face red and his eyes downcast.

“We will, don’t worry,” Leonardo replied reassuringly, even as he pulled at the knot in his tie and tried to shrug off his coat. “I just want to get undressed first.” His smile faltered when Ezio shook his head and kissed him again fiercely. This time, the young man’s hands dropped to Leonardo’s lap, pressing a hand timidly to the bulge there, then with more force when Leonardo’s hips jerked into the touch. Ezio broke away a moment later to kneel between Leonardo’s spread legs, looking up as he reached for his belt. “Oh.” The realization of what Ezio had been trying to say finally sunk in but he could only stare in dumbfounded muteness. Seeing the uncertainty in Ezio’s expression, Leonardo struggled to make his brain work.

“Are you sure? You don’t have to,” he said quietly, reaching out to brush his thumb across the young man's cheek.

“I want to,” Ezio replied and then blushed again, almost embarrassed; he seemed to be waiting for Leonardo’s answer.


Leonardo saw a flash of a shy smile before Ezio ducked his head and turned his attention to the pant zipper. Leonardo managed to get his coat off and the tie tossed to the side and then moved on to his shirt, but his fingers fumbled with the buttons when Ezio finally slipped a hand inside his boxers to curl tentative fingers around his cock. Halfway down the shirt the instructor gave up because Ezio had pulled him free and was stroking with a firmer grip as he became more sure of himself. Leonardo groaned and leaned back on his elbows, eyes fixed on the sight of Ezio kneeling between his knees, leaning forward to give his erection an experimental lick. He bit his lip to stifle a chuckle at Ezio’s first reaction—a grimace—then moaned outright when Ezio steadied his cock with one hand and slid his lips around the head.

It took a couple tries before Ezio found a rhythm that worked for him but once he did, Leonardo thought he’d died and gone to heaven. He had probably received a more skilled blowjob before in his life but just the fact that it was Ezio had him clenching the bedsheets and struggling not to lose control. When he started to feel a familiar tingling spreading through him, he sat up quickly and put his hands on Ezio’s shoulders, coaxing him to sit back. He couldn’t help shuddering as his cock came free from that blissful heat, but he distracted himself by curling a hand behind Ezio’s head and pulling him forward for a sloppy, wet kiss.

“Perfect,” he murmured against his lips. “It was perfect.” The worried look faded from Ezio's face. “Come here.” He scooted back on the bed, kicking his pants off and coaxing Ezio to climb onto the bed with him. He rolled them over until he was on top and then ground their hips together, shivering as their cocks slid together, slick with pre-cum. He dipped his head to lick Ezio’s collarbone, then let his mouth drift to one nipple, circling it with his tongue. He smiled against tanned skin as Ezio bucked against him, gripping his arms hard enough to bruise.

“Leonardo, stop teasing!” the young man growled and, in a surprisingly bold move, leaned up to bite Leonardo's ear, though not very hard. As he fell back against the bed, his teacher chased his mouth with a growl, and they spent the next few minutes warring with tongues until Leonardo finally backed off.

“Okay, okay,” he said breathlessly. He shifted to lean over the side of the bed, reaching for the drawer in the bedside table. As he fought to get it open, he felt a hand ghost over his hip before settling more confidently at the small of his back and he glanced back at Ezio. He almost abandoned his struggle at the utterly fuckable sight the young man presented, his hair mussed, his eyes dark and eager. Instead, Leonardo finally yanked the drawer open and grabbed the lube and condom.

“Turn over for me,” he instructed, dropping the condom onto the sheet and popping the cap on the bottle. The eagerness in Ezio’s expression warred briefly with nervousness but he nodded and rolled onto his stomach, bracing himself on his forearms and lifting his hips without being told.

Leonardo bent over to press a kiss to the small of Ezio’s back, just above his tailbone, then began to mouth a slow line down towards the curve of his ass. He pressed one lube-slick finger at the top of the cleft there, rubbing back and forth teasingly until Ezio groaned and moved his hips impatiently. Chuckling, Leonardo slipped his finger down further to brush against his entrance. Despite his silent askance, Ezio jerked in surprise at the cool touch there, so Leonardo licked a brief stripe across one ass cheek then blew across the damp skin. Ezio shivered and Leonardo began to ease one finger in.

He alternated using his tongue and teeth and fondling his balls to provide distracting sensations as he worked his way slowly up to three fingers. He gave Ezio's neglected cock a couple firm strokes but knew he couldn’t let his hand linger or Ezio would be done all too soon. At three fingers, the young man was already panting a steady stream of “please, please, please” and pushing back into the touch, especially when Leonardo brushed his prostate.

“Did you do this to yourself and think of me?” the teacher asked, his voice raw with lust.

“Yes! Yes,” Ezio gasped as fingers again stabbed that spot within him. He squirmed when they withdrew. “But...it wasn’t the same. Wasn’t…enough.” The look he shot over his shoulder jolted through Leonardo like a bolt of lightning. He scrambled to get the foil packet open and the condom on before aligning himself and beginning the enter.

He was surprised to feel Ezio pushing back against him, his hands fisted in the sheets, his back bowed and tense. It was gloriously tight and agonizingly slow, but at last Leonardo's balls came to rest against Ezio's ass and then they paused, both breathing hard. Leonardo bent over Ezio, one arm curling around his waist as he pressed his lips to Ezio’s shoulder.


Ezio nodded in response to the hushed question but remained tense. Leonardo let his hand slide down Ezio’s abdomen to trail his fingers lightly up his cock. Ezio twitched and let out a shuddering breath; another deep breath and some of the clenching grip around Leonardo began to ease.

“Okay,” Ezio whispered and shifted his hips back against Leonardo’s, looking back with a lopsided grin.

Leonardo nodded and pulled out some before rocking back in, moving slowly at first as Ezio relaxed into it. When he began to push more to meet Leonardo’s thrusts, he upped the tempo, using both hands to steady Ezio’s hips until Ezio abruptly cried out, a shiver rolling through him. Then Leonardo pulled out nearly all the way and snapped his hips forward, smiling when he was rewarded with another cry.

“More,” Ezio gasped and Leonardo obliged, feeling a drop of sweat slide down his back as he drove in again and again, each time hitting that spot that made Ezio clench around him. He bent over Ezio’s back, bracing himself with one hand on the bed and moving his other hand down to fist Ezio’s cock. The young man made a desperate noise, his hands tightening in the sheets and his counter-rhythm to Leonardo’s thrusts faltering under the maelstrom of sensations. A few strokes later, his whole body tensed and he groaned Leonardo’s name as he came, his hips jerking against Leonardo’s. The sudden final squeeze was his teacher’s undoing. His arm tightened around Ezio as he pinned him with a few last thrusts, riding out his own crest of pleasure.

After a moment, Leonardo guided Ezio’s hips so that they flopped over, still joined but away from Ezio’s spilled seed. He kept his arm curled tight around his waist and smiled against his shoulder when Ezio covered his hand, lacing their fingers together. They lay like that for a little while, their breathing and racing hearts the only sound, and then Leonardo gently drew away, peeling off the condom and slipping off the bed to dispose of it in the bathroom.

When he came back, he half-expected Ezio might be asleep but he found the young man waiting for him, eyes half-lidded but still awake. He pulled Leonardo back onto the bed for a lazy kiss then released him and dropped his head to the pillow, eyes closed. Leonardo pushed aside the messy sheet, deciding to leave it for the morning. Instead, he tugged at the comforter that lay folded at the foot of the bed until he’d managed to cover them both with it. As he curled up against Ezio's back and snaked an arm around his waist again to tug him close, he kissed the nape of his neck.

“Happy birthday, Ezio.”

In response, Ezio brought their entwined hands to his mouth and kissed Leonardo’s fingers, his lips curling in a smile. Moments later, they were both asleep.
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