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23 April 2011 @ 06:42 pm
"Under the Stars" 1/1  
Title: "Under the Stars"
Fandom: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Pairing: Desmond/Lucy
Rating: PG
Spoilers: references to ACB setting
A/N: AC kink meme fill, originally posted here. Not much to this, just tried to keep light and fluffy. This pairing could use more of that.

Prompt: Guys, my vanilla is showing. I just really want something sweet between these two because Brohood has slain me. Anything you want really, as long as it is generally happy and has some sweet. Porn, drabble, humor, etc - it's all good. Take the reins!

Lucy was ticklish.

Desmond suspected this was true after they’d worked their way through Monteriggioni’s underground tunnels. Whenever he’d wrapped an arm around her so they could ride a lift, she had jumped a little. He had attributed this to the excitement of what they were uncovering, combined with the general anxiety of trusting your weight to machinery that was several hundred years old.

But then came the yogurt incident with Rebecca.

It was a Sunday and they’d finally called an end to the Animus session, despite it being early in the evening. Shaun had run down to see if any of the little shops were still open to buy ingredients for dinner, and Desmond was stretched out on his sleeping bag, one arm thrown over his eyes. He wasn’t tired but he found it was easier to ignore the phantoms of the Bleeding Effect with his eyes closed; plus, there was nothing for him to do while they waited for Shaun to return.

For a while, the Sanctuary was filled with the clicking of fingers on keyboards. Desmond sometimes wondered what the girls were doing all the time that kept them so busy. At least Shaun had an excuse: the amount of historical documents he had to look through for clues was practically endless. He heard a chair scrape against the stone floor and then Lucy groaned as she stretched. Her footsteps sounded like they were leading her to their mini fridge but as he lay there, he heard Rebecca’s typing stop as well.

“Are you getting a yogurt? Can you grab me one?”

“Rebecca,” Lucy sighed, “it’s bad enough Shaun steals them. I don’t need you mooching off me too. If you wanted yogurt, you should have put it on the list.”

“Oh, come on, Lucy,” Rebecca said and now her chair skidded back from the desk. Her voice took on a plaintive tone as she moved to join her friend. “You can’t even spare one for your best friend?”

Desmond’s mind started to drift as their banter continued—Lucy stubbornly resisting Rebecca’s wheedling—but he snapped back into awareness when Lucy shrieked. Assassin instincts had him leaping to his feet, looking around wildly for the source of danger, only to find they were alone in the Sanctuary, as usual.

Rebecca had stepped back from Lucy, hands held up in possibly in surrender, though her expression was oddly chagrined. Lucy was unharmed but she looked flustered as she glared at the other woman, her cheeks visibly pink even from across the room. They stayed like that for another minute before Rebecca sheepishly said, “Sorry.” Lucy just clenched her yogurt cup and spoon and stalked back to her desk, pointedly not looking Desmond’s way. When he turned his questioning gaze on Rebecca, she just shrugged and grabbed a water bottle from the fridge before hurrying back to her desk. He found her “who knows?” act hard to believe, though, when a heavy aura of guilt lingered over her shoulders. As for Lucy, it was a while before her embarrassed flush faded. He lay back down to ponder this and no one spoke until Shaun returned with the groceries.

Desmond had had girlfriends before who were ticklish. He always found their helpless laughter and flushed expressions adorable, even if they were usually bent on murdering him once he let up. He tried to picture Lucy like that but found it almost impossible. She rarely smiled these days and a laugh was even scarcer; still, he longed to see both. He wondered if a gentler approach would avoid the startled shriek Rebecca’s efforts had produced or if Lucy might actually beat him black and blue when he tried. She was an assassin, after all.

The perfect moment came a few days later, when Lucy wandered outside to find him sitting on the edge of the pseudo-well that allowed light and air into the Sanctuary. He was taking a break from their current session but instead of free running across town, he decided to spend the time just watching the stars. Lucy walked over and sat beside him hesitantly, as if unsure whether she might be disturbing him.

“You’re making great progress with Ezio’s memories, Desmond,” she said after a brief silence, then paused, apparently choosing her next words carefully. “How are…the visions?”

“Not bad,” he replied, which was true. “I saw Cristina the other day.” This was not true, although he had dreamed of her recently, or rather he'd dreamed of Ezio dreaming of her. He wasn’t sure if Cristina had ever been to the villa, but he was counting on Lucy not knowing that. As he’d hoped, his words made concern flash across her face before she leaned closer, covering his hand with one of her own.

“I’m sure it’s hard to…to separate those feelings, but remember Ezio was the one who loved her, not you.”

“I know.” Desmond turned his wrist so their hands met palm-to-palm and then curled his fingers around hers. He did it slowly, hardly believing his nerve, but relief swept through him when she didn’t pull away; in fact, she smiled as a touch of pink colored her cheeks. He allowed a playful grin to slide into place. “Jealous?”

In an instant, her blush turned indignant as she sat bolt upright.

“What?! Of-of her? Desmond!” She tried to pull her hand free but he gave a surprisingly firm tug and she fell forward. Before she could protest, he slipped an arm around her waist and drew her against his side, holding his breath while he waited for her response.

She had jumped when he first pulled her close, but after a tense moment, she began to relax. Tentatively, she put her arm around him, resting her head on his shoulder with a soft sigh. However, when Desmond rubbed his thumb against her side, just above her jeans, she twitched again.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, hiding her face against his chest. “I’m kind of…“

“Ticklish?” he said when she trailed off. “Yeah, I guessed that.” There was a moment of silence and then Lucy lifted her head, suddenly wary. Perhaps being so ticklish had given her an internal warning system but even though she tensed to pull away, it was too late.

She did shriek as his fingers sought out the most common ticklish spots, but the laughter that spilled from her lips made it completely worth it. He didn’t even care if the others came running to see what the commotion was. Lucy doubled over, helplessly giggling as the tickling continued, and when she tumbled off their perch—most likely in an attempt to escape—he went with her, one arm around her to slow her fall. She tried to bat away his hands but there was no strength behind it and when she gasped his name—breathlessly pleading with him to cease—he thought his heart might stop.

Finally, his fingers stilled and he let her catch her breath. They were stretched out on the grass, Desmond laying on his side, propped up on one arm, with his other hand resting on her stomach. Lucy wiped at the tears leaking from the corners of her eyes and looked up at him, still flushed and bright-eyed in a way that made him ache. Then she hit him on the arm.

“You jerk! That wasn’t very nice!” she said and he couldn’t help grinning.

“Sorry,” he replied, which they both knew was a lie. “I just like to hear you laugh.”

Her expression froze for a half-second, shock erasing the previous annoyance, and then she blushed again as Desmond lifted a hand to run his fingers along her jaw. When he dipped his head to kiss her, it was sweeter than anything he’d ever tasted. His heart soared when she slid her fingers into his hair and parted her lips and for a few moments, everything was perfect.

Then Shaun and Rebecca came rushing out of the Sanctuary, shouting their names in worried voices. Reluctantly, Desmond pulled away and got to his feet, offering Lucy his hand to help her up. Together, they left the shadows by the well and hurried over to where their friends stood.

“We’re here, everything’s fine,” Lucy said.

“We heard you shout,” Shaun said, looking over them both as if for wounds. Rebecca, on the other hand, took one look at the two of them and then grinned slyly.

“Desmond tickled me,” Lucy said, shooting a rather convincing warning glare his way. Desmond held up his hands and attempted to look sheepish. Shaun seemed confused and a little annoyed at the lack of a real threat and nearly jumped out of his skin when Rebecca slapped a hand on his back.

“Well, crisis averted, back to the grind,” she said and then turned and headed back downstairs. Shaun frowned at her back then turned to give Lucy and Desmond a similar look.

“Next time, could you be a little quieter with your false alarms?” he grumbled before following Rebecca with a sigh.

Alone again, Desmond turned to Lucy and held out his hand but she just crossed her arms and ignored it.

“No more tickling,” she said firmly and when he took a step towards her, she backed up, still wary. “I mean it, Desmond.” Her expression softened slightly, exasperation taking the edge off. “There are other ways to make me laugh, you know.”

He held up his hands, much like Rebecca had a few days before, and slowly crossed the space between them while Lucy stood her ground. She seemed ready to retaliate at the merest hint of danger, but Desmond behaved, slipping his arms around her and pointedly avoiding the sensitive places he'd attacked before. Eventually, she relaxed and returned the embrace.

“I'm looking forward to exploring all of them,” he whispered in her ear and as she smiled, he turned his head and kissed her.