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11 December 2010 @ 04:50 pm
"The Lure Would Prove Too Much" 6/10  
Title: "The Lure Would Prove Too Much"
Fandom: Assassin's Creed 2
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ezio/Leonardo
Spoilers: None
A/N: AC kink meme fill, originally posted here. This is an AU so some things will be different but I kept the timeline mostly the same. In this story, no one knows of the Codex so there was no scroll in Giovanni's office and no Codex wall at Monteriggioni.

Prompt: Another request for Ezio/Leonardo (in that order) action. We've seen Evil!Templar Leonardo (and it was absolutely awesome), but I just can't picture the pacifist behaving that way, even if historically, he may have been a Templar. How about Oblivious! Templar Leonardo instead?

Maybe an AU where Ezio is sent to assassinate Leonardo because he's inventing for the Templar, only to realize that the "dangerous" artist is really just throwing sketches their way absent-mindedly?

Bonus points if Ezio has to "kidnap" Leo to keep him safe from both sides.


As the days passed and no urgent summons came from Lorenzo to return and explain, Ezio began to wonder if he had succeeded in changing the other man’s mind after all. He knew he would need to speak with Lorenzo on the issue, just to be sure, but there was also the matter of the Templars to consider. If they found out Leonardo was alive, he wasn’t sure if they would try to kill him outright or just force him to continue working for them under threat of death. Until he had cleared out the Templar presence in Firenze, he wasn’t comfortable with letting da Vinci return.

Leonardo, thankfully, didn’t seem overly concerned with rushing back home since Ezio had allowed him to bring most of his work. In fact, he appeared to enjoy his new life in Monteriggioni, completely forgetting the danger that had forced him to leave. Either he put that much trust in Ezio’s protection, or it really had slipped his mind with the many distractions the villa offered him. Ezio wouldn’t have been surprised if it was the latter.

The first two days, his boxes had huddled in the large office while Ezio looked for a suitable place in town for him to use as a temporary workshop. Most of the time he was bent over the model of Monteriggioni with Emilio but occasionally he would turn to the easel that had been set up to continue work on a commission. Claudia would shoot wistful looks his way and despite her brother’s repeated warnings, often struck up a conversation with the artist while he worked. Leonardo was always polite but the third time Ezio walked in to find them this way, the painting on the easel only a few brush strokes further along, he decided enough was enough.

He dragged Leonardo out of the villa and down to the abandoned shop he’d been cleaning up, furious with Claudia for constantly distracting the man and annoyed that he didn’t have the place in better condition. He waited sullenly with arms crossed as Leonardo inspected the rooms.

“There are no living quarters so you will have to continue staying at the villa,” Ezio said and Leonardo glanced over his shoulder from where he’d been peering into a closet.

“That’s fine. The rooms you’ve given me are more than enough.”

Bene. I will get your things.” As Ezio stalked towards the door, he saw Leonardo turn to follow and held up a warning finger. “No. I will get them myself.” The artist hesitated but seemed to sense this wasn’t the best time to insist on helping and agreed to wait instead.

When Ezio brought the first box back, he found Leonardo staring out one of the windows, faced turned upwards to observe a bird, no doubt. He turned towards Ezio, opening his mouth to say something, but he quickly shut it when he saw the assassin’s still-stormy expression. Instead, he busied himself with finding places to put away his things while Ezio fetched the other boxes. After three more trips and a shouting match with his sister that reminded him of the old days, Ezio was feeling much better and guessed it must have showed because when he returned with the final box, Leonardo looked relieved.

“I really didn’t mind,” da Vinci said, almost apologetically. “Your sister is very nice.”

“My sister thinks she’s falling in love with you,” Ezio drawled as he sat down on a dusty stool and wiped the sweat from his brow. “This will give her a chance to come to her senses, as well as let you work in peace.” He had to chuckle at the stunned look on da Vinci’s face.

“I-I had no idea—”

“I guessed as much,” Ezio replied, waving a hand when Leonardo would have continued. “Don’t worry about it. I think she is just tired of being a pretty young woman surrounded by unwashed, foul-mouthed soldiers who have been threatened with castration should they so much as look twice at my uncle’s beloved nipote. I’m not surprised she is swooning over the first attractive man to pay attention to her; I had only hoped she’d be more subtle about it.”

Leonardo opened and closed his mouth a couple times, apparently speechless as his cheeks slowly turned pink, and then he quickly turned back to the box he’d been working on. After a moment, he cleared his throat and said, “I see. I guess her life was much different before?”

. It has been hard for her to assume the role of the woman of the household. She was only 15 when…when everything changed. Now she helps Mario run the villa.” Leonardo turned back, concern replacing embarrassment as his blush faded.

“You said your mother stopped speaking…?”

“Speaking, eating… She’s practically given up on living,” Ezio replied and sighed heavily. “She only prays over a handful of feathers my little brother was collecting before he died. I bring her any that I find but it hasn’t seemed to help. Claudia has to make sure she takes meals and bathes because she won’t do it if left on her own.”

He knew that’s where the root of Claudia’s frustrations lay: not in a lack of young men to flirt or fall in love with, but in being forced into so much responsibility when she had only been a child. Even three years later, she was still having trouble accepting it. And unlike Ezio, who had adapted quickly to taking over their father’s duties, Claudia’s new role in life wasn’t very exciting so she had plenty of time to sit around and wish for the way things used to be. Ezio wanted to help—he didn’t like to see his sister unhappy—but there was little he could do when he was busy hunting the men who’d created this mess. Perhaps once that debt was paid, he could return to the villa to help take care of the day-to-day tasks, but even that was a strange thought, given what his life was like now. He shook his head as he stood to leave.

Mi dispiace, Ezio, if I’ve upset you by asking about her,” Leonardo said quickly, a touch of worry in his expression.

“No, no. Actually, it’s good to be able to tell someone,” Ezio admitted, surprised at the truth in this statement. He’d only known the man a handful of days but already felt comfortable revealing worries he hadn’t even told Mario; no doubt it was due to his unexplainable charm. He gestured to the boxes still untouched. “I thought I should leave so I didn’t distract you.”

“You’re not a distraction,” Leonardo protested. “Usually you’re so quiet I don’t realize you’re there until you speak up.” Ezio had to chuckle at that because he did seem to sneak up on Leonardo even when he wasn’t trying to. “Anyway, I enjoy your company but of course, if you have somewhere else to be…?” Leonardo spoke almost hesitantly and the assassin couldn’t help smiling in response.

“Not really,” he replied. He’d really only offered to be polite.

“Then sit, I insist. You always seem so busy! If you have time to relax, you should.” As Ezio conceded and sat back down, Leonardo grinned; a small victory in his favor, for once.

Ezio wouldn’t admit it out loud but part of him had wanted to stay even before Leonardo asked him to. It was probably wrong, since he’d chastised Claudia for this very thing, but he enjoyed watching the man and he’d had no chance to be alone with him since they arrived. Leonardo managed not to trip over any of the boxes—like he had that first day Ezio had observed him—but he was constantly in motion, moving back and forth across the main room as he put things away. He had little habits that Ezio was beginning to recognize with fond amusement, like the way he would pause to contemplate something, arms crossed for a moment before he raised a hand to tap a finger against his lips. Ezio usually had to look away then, not wanting his thoughts to linger on those lips any more than they already did. He would have been content to stay a silent observer but Leonardo kept up a steady conversation, much as he had on the journey here. They talked a little of the changes being done to the city and when Ezio expressed his approval of da Vinci’s additions, the man had practically glowed.

Grazie, Ezio. I’m grateful for the opportunity, since I so rarely have the chance in Firenze to work in architecture.” He gathered an armful of scrolls and started towards a cabinet across the room then stopped so abruptly, one fell off the top of the pile. “Oh yes, whatever happened to those scrolls? The ones the, uh, Templars gave me?” Ezio left his stool to pick up the fallen parchment, moving to the cabinet to open the door for Leonardo.

“My uncle thinks there are more,” he said. “If it is a journal, as you thought, it was written by one of the greatest assassins in our history. Finding more pages could tell us more of our heritage.”

“Where do you think they would be?”

“That’s the problem. If we are lucky, they are only spread across Italia, but how can we know for sure?” Ezio scowled as he rubbed at a knot in the paneling of the cabinet.

It was an argument Mario continued to rehash, often quite heatedly. He wanted Ezio to go find the scrolls, claiming his great-grandfather—a man of many secrets, apparently—would have kept them in Italia, possibly even hiding some in Monteriggioni. Ezio, on the other hand, felt it was a waste of time to go hunting for scraps of parchment when he needed to be tracking down the members of the conspiracy against his and Lorenzo’s families. That was usually the point in the fight where Claudia called from the other room that if they didn’t shut up about it, she was going to go looking for the maledetto scrolls, to which both men would shout that she’d do no such thing.

“Well, should you find more that need decoding, please don’t hesitate to bring them to me. I would be happy to work on them for you.” Leonardo’s eyes were a little hopeful as he finished stacking his scrolls in the cabinet and looked at Ezio.

“Of course,” the assassin replied and found his gaze once again drawn to the way those attractive lips curved upwards in response. Leonardo turned and went back to his box, completely oblivious to the effect of that smile. As Ezio returned to his stool, he realized that once he left the workshop, he would be going out to search for those scrolls.

nipote can be translated to "nephew, niece or grandchild"
Maledetto = damned