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11 December 2010 @ 04:57 pm
"The Lure Would Prove Too Much" 9/10  
Title: "The Lure Would Prove Too Much"
Fandom: Assassin's Creed 2
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ezio/Leonardo
Spoilers: None
A/N: AC kink meme fill, originally posted here. This is an AU so some things will be different but I kept the timeline mostly the same. In this story, no one knows of the Codex so there was no scroll in Giovanni's office and no Codex wall at Monteriggioni.

Prompt: Another request for Ezio/Leonardo (in that order) action. We've seen Evil!Templar Leonardo (and it was absolutely awesome), but I just can't picture the pacifist behaving that way, even if historically, he may have been a Templar. How about Oblivious! Templar Leonardo instead?

Maybe an AU where Ezio is sent to assassinate Leonardo because he's inventing for the Templar, only to realize that the "dangerous" artist is really just throwing sketches their way absent-mindedly?

Bonus points if Ezio has to "kidnap" Leo to keep him safe from both sides.


The assassination went well, despite having to climb the tallest maledetto tower in the damn city while the surrounding archers tried to pick him off. The target had been a madman, screeching nonsense that, thankfully, no one on the streets seemed to pay any attention to. In the end, Ezio learned nothing of the others on his list. He would have to hope Lorenzo’s spies had better results.

He was close enough to Monteriggioni to risk a moonlit ride home, rather than staying in San Gimignano. It was past midnight when he finally saw the city but he took the time to brush down his mount before scaling the walls. At this hour, even the thieves and courtesans were asleep and it was almost eerie to be walking around when it was so dark and still. It seemed a long time ago since he had left this place at dawn. He moved as quickly as his weary limbs would allow, knowing that even when he reached the house he wouldn’t be climbing into bed just yet.

Once in his room, he stripped off his gear until he was left in his white shirt, pants, boots and the bracer on his left arm. He never felt fully comfortable when awake unless he had at least one of the blades on. He rubbed his hands over his face, trying to wake up a little as he stood before the easel. He preferred to paint the portraits of his targets while their faces were still fresh in his mind, but he normally didn’t start so late. On the other hand, he knew he wouldn’t sleep well if he put it off. Releasing a calming breath, he picked up the palette and brush. Even after three of these paintings, he still felt awkward holding the tools of an artist.

If I am an artist, it is only of death, he thought dryly, then forced the idea away. Closing his eyes, he pictured the man he’d killed only hours earlier. After a moment, he opened his eyes and began. Minutes passed as the image in his mind took shape on canvas. Though he gave the dead their final rites, this was how he found his own peace, how he let go of the deed. Even knowing it had to be done, the act weighed on him until he freed himself of the ghost in his mind.

He was so focused on his work, he didn’t hear the telltale creak of someone on the ladder.

“So this is where you hide when you’re not at the practice ring or my shop?” a familiar voice asked.

Ezio swore in surprise, jerking away from the easel and instinctively flexing his wrist to release the hidden blade. He stared at Leonardo, who stood just at the top of the ladder, looking just as startled. Then he noticed the canvas and swore again, relaxing out of the ready stance and retracting the blade. His friend walked over warily and his eyes widened when he saw the unfinished portrait, now with a smear across it from when Ezio had flinched.

“Forgive me, Ezio, I had no idea…” Leonardo trailed off, looking horrified as he took in the damage. At this, Ezio couldn’t help but laugh, albeit tiredly. He was gradually coming to realize that although Leonardo at times frustrated and confused him, he could never seem to truly anger him.

“Leonardo, I do not exactly look like someone who paints in his free time,” he remarked. “How could you have known? But nevermind that, what are you doing awake at this hour?”

“Oh, I, uh, sometimes work late when I am struck by an idea. I was leaving my workshop when I saw the light on this floor and since Mario had said this was your room, I wanted to see if you were back already.” He looked away, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. As his curiosity set in and he looked around the room more closely, Ezio drank in the sight of him. Like Ezio, he wore only a shirt and breeches that were tucked into his boots. The simple look suited him and better showed off the lean figure that was usually disguised by billowy sleeves; he was even missing that silly red hat. Ezio felt a familiar hunger stir within him but tried to push it back down. Leonardo had returned his attention to the ruined portrait, tapping his finger against his lips in that contemplative way.

“Don’t worry about it,” Ezio said. “It’s a passable attempt at best, no real loss.”

“No, no, it’s quite good!” Leonardo insisted. He gestured to the other portraits that were hung around the room. “You have some talent, Ezio. You shouldn’t dismiss that. Now, perhaps you could do better with some different paints, certainly the blending here would have gone more smoothly—” He broke off suddenly with his finger hovering over the canvas, as he seemed to realize the lecturing tone his voice had taken on. He glanced at Ezio in embarrassment but the assassin was smiling. It was amusing to see Leonardo slip into the role of teacher instead of questioning why a man of his talents was painting, especially at such a late hour.

“It’s all right, Leonardo,” Ezio said when the man opened his mouth to apologize yet again. “Is there any other advice you have? In all seriousness.” Leonardo looked at him for a moment, clearly trying to decide if he was being teased, then finally relaxed.

“Well, um…” He moved around to stand just behind and to the right of Ezio, so they were looking at the easel together. “I think you’ll find if you hold the brush this way and move it like so…” He gently adjusted Ezio’s grip on the brush and then held his wrist as he directed Ezio’s hand. The first touch of those delicate fingers against his skin sent tingles racing along Ezio’s nerves and reignited the desire he’d been trying to ignore. Leonardo kept talking, but he couldn’t focus on the words. The man was close enough that he could feel the heat of him against his back, and every now and then when he turned his head just slightly, his breath would ghost against Ezio’s neck.

“Did your insegnante teach you this way?” he asked suddenly, his voice sounding thick with desire to his own ears. Leonardo paused, his hand still on Ezio’s wrist.

“No, why?” He sounded puzzled by the question.

“Because I would be very jealous if he had,” Ezio growled and dropped the brush as he turned to cup Leonardo’s face and kiss him.

It was as sweet as he’d imagined. Leonardo’s lips were soft and warm, parted just slightly in surprised. Ezio used this to his advantage and dipped his tongue in to brush teasingly against the other man’s. He was delighted at the shiver this caused and delved deeper, hungry for more. Leonardo’s hands came up to Ezio’s wrists, not to pull them away but to hang on as if his knees were suddenly weak. He kissed back with a skill that surprised Ezio, considering his behavior around the courtesans.

Walking the man backwards, he groaned when they hit the desk and he could finally press against him without reservation. The feel of it was so different from the soft curves of a woman but so good. Ezio broke their kiss and trailed his lips down Leonardo’s throat, running his hands down to grip his hips. He was half-hard already and could feel an answering heat press into him when he moved against the artist.

“Ezio, wait, wait, per favore.” This last part came out strained and a little frantic as Ezio sucked hard over the pulse point on his neck. Leonardo’s hands were on Ezio’s shoulders but instead of pushing away, they were gripping his shirt. Ezio raised his head reluctantly but couldn’t help the pleased smirk when he saw the mark he’d left on pale skin. Leonardo was frowning slightly, looking confused, and he fumbled over his words while Ezio fought the urge to lean in and reclaim those lips.

“Um, I thought, ah, that is, the courtesans said…”

“The courtesans are fond of gossip,” Ezio interrupted, guessing at what Leonardo was trying to say. “I have slept with some of them, yes.”

“But not a man?” Leonardo asked. Any other time, the assassin might have found the concern in his eyes amusing, but now his nerves were frayed too thin by how close he was to everything he'd been struggling not to think of.

“No,” Ezio admitted, “but thanks to that same gossip, you will find I am not unaware as to how...” He slid one hand around and dipped his fingers below Leonardo’s waistband, rubbing just over his tailbone where the crack of his ass began. The artist squirmed at the sensation and the movement ground their crotches together in a delicious way that had both men shuddering. Ezio let out a shaky breath as he tried to relax his bruising grip on Leonardo’s hip and not just rut against him.

“Leonardo,” he began with a breathless chuckle, “I am usually a patient man but you seem to have ruined that part of me, as well as my taste for any other.” He watched surprise cut through the pleasure in Leonardo's eyes and then understanding dawned and a smile spread slowly across his face, the warm one that made Ezio’s heart stutter. This time he didn't protest as Ezio leaned forward to take his mouth in a sweet, languid kiss. The taste of him was addicting and as it continued, the intensity from before crept back until Ezio found himself rocking against Leonardo, devouring the whimpers that escaped the other man with each thrust.

“Ezio, the bed—!” Leonardo gasped when the assassin finally tore his mouth away to nuzzle his neck again. Ezio growled at this, reluctant to release him, but he had to admit that a desperate dry-humping was not how he imagined the night ending when he’d first turned from the painting.

Forcing himself to take a step back, he caught Leonardo’s hand as it dropped from his shoulder, tugging lightly as he continued backwards across the room. Leonardo followed as if hypnotized, his eyes hungry but his expression curiously shy. When Ezio reached the bed, he sat and pulled Leonardo down so that he straddled his lap, licking a line up his throat to nip at his jaw. The engineer shivered and shifted, drawing an appreciative hum from Ezio. This seemed to give him more courage because he repeated the movement, rocking his ass back and forth against Ezio’s trapped cock until the assassin grabbed his hips with a gasp.

Cazzo! If you keep that up, the night will be over much sooner than I thought,” he panted. Leonardo froze, looking like he’d been scolded.

“Ah, mi—” But Ezio cut off his apology with a hard, demanding kiss, not easing up until he felt Leonardo relax and slip his arms around his shoulders. Only then did he pull back with a chuckle, pressing light kisses to cheeks that were flushed with embarrassment.

“I didn’t say I did not like it,” he pointed out gently. “I was just hoping for more.” He ran his fingers along the seam in the seat of Leonardo's pants but as the engineer wiggled in his lap—seemingly torn between getting away from the touch and pushing into it—Ezio realized he had no idea what Leonardo's experience in bed was. He shifted his hand to simply cup the man's ass and added hesitantly, “If that is all right?” He was relieved when Leonardo nodded; the hunger in those blue irises left no room for doubt.

“Just...go slowly, please. It has been a few years,” the artist said. Ezio tried to ignore the irrational flash of jealousy this revelation sparked, reminding himself of his own prior conquests.

Capisco,” he murmured and pressed his lips to the mark he'd made earlier. He had to lean back to pull Leonardo's shirt over his head, but closed in again to brush his lips against the other side of his neck, flicking out his tongue for a brief taste. Leonardo's hands were in his hair now, having pulled free the red ribbon to glide through the brown tresses and he made a pleasant sort of mmm sound when Ezio licked his collarbone.

When he reached for Ezio's shirt, though, the assassin turned and rolled him onto his back, settling between his thighs in a way that felt perfect, as if they were made to fit. Ezio picked up where he'd left off, trailing kisses from Leonardo's collarbone down his chest. He circled a nipple with his tongue experimentally and grinned as a nip of teeth made Leonardo tense with a gasp. As he moved his hands to the other man’s breeches, deftly undoing the laces, he pressed his lips tight against skin and sucked, working the hardening nub with his tongue while Leonardo squirmed. Finally, he had the other man's length free and ran a hand tentatively along it.

It was strange, the sensation against his hands familiar and yet completely different. As he took a more sure grip, his fingers forming a tight ring for Leonardo to push into, the man's moan was beautiful. He began to stroke at a pace that was almost torturous, his own cock aching where he had pressed it against Leonardo's hip, and soon his lover was shaking with need.

“Ezio, please,” Leonardo panted, but when Ezio slid a finger teasingly past his balls to his opening, his eyes widened with worry. “Wait—”

“Shh, I know, I know,” Ezio whispered against his lips, removing his hand. He stole another quick kiss than sat up to divest himself of his bracer and clothes. He leaned over the edge of the bed, pulling out a small trunk and pushing through the items inside until he found what he wanted. As he straightened, he pulled the cork from the bottle he held and saw Leonardo’s eyebrows lift at the sudden scent of olives.

“I originally bought them for my sister but I keep forgetting they are here,” Ezio explained as he tipped some of the oil into his hand, pushing back any olives that came with it. After setting the bottle aside, he turned back to Leonardo and had to stifle the urge not to roll his eyes at the man’s aghast expression. “I will buy her another bottle, Leonardo.”

The artist still looked mortified that they were using what should have been a present but he quickly forgot about that when Ezio circled the tense ring of muscle slowly. He squirmed, opening his mouth to protest or beg perhaps, but Ezio bent down and covered his mouth with his own as he slowly worked his finger in. It was tight, incredibly so, even after he’d worked enough oil in to move his finger back and forth a bit, but Leonardo just panted against his mouth, trying to return the kiss as best he could. Gradually he began to relax and Ezio tentatively tried a second finger after adding more oil. He found himself entranced by the sounds Leonardo was making as he writhed beneath the assassin, forgetting their kiss and instead staring hungrily when he added a third finger. He was caught when Leonardo met his gaze, eyes half-lidded and filled with a desperate mix of lust and need and pleading.

“Now,” the artist panted, and Ezio found his own hands were shaking as he withdrew his fingers and fumbled with the bottle of olives again. He was generous when coating his cock, forcing himself to go slow as he stroked the oil over his length, and then aligned himself at Leonardo's opening and began to push.

It was so tight and Ezio actually thought This isn't going to work but somehow, ever so slowly, he was sinking into Leonardo until finally he was fully sheathed and panting with the effort. Leonardo's expression was tight with pain and Ezio bent to share a sloppy kiss, once again wrapping his fingers around the other man's cock to distract him from the discomfort. Leonardo gasped, his hips twitching in response and the movement ground his ass further against Ezio's length, making them both groan. The assassin waited until he felt Leonardo relax a little more and then began thrusting shallowly, moving his hand in time with his hips and watching Leonardo gasp and clutched at him.

Once he saw the last of the pain ease from the man's face, Ezio pulled nearly all the way out only to snap his hips forward roughly. Leonardo cried out, his back arching off the bed, but then he fixed Ezio with a look so intense, he felt his cock twitch in response.

“Again,” Leonardo demanded. “Harder.”

Ezio obliged with a growl, releasing Leonardo's cock to brace himself against the bed and thrust again, drawing another shout from the man. He set a faster pace then, knowing he wouldn't last long with Leonardo clenching around him with each deliciously tight slide in and out. As he felt his release approaching, he grabbed Leonardo's cock and jerked in counterpoint to his thrusts. It only took a few pulls before the man gasped “Ezio!” and tensed, his release spilling over Ezio's hand. That final tightening around his cock proved to be his undoing and he lunged forward to capture Leonardo's lips as his own orgasm tore through him, grinding deep one last time.

As the crest of pleasure receded, he barely held himself up on shaking arms and looked at Leonardo, who was a boneless sprawl beneath him, blinking blearily up at him. After a minute or two, Ezio pulled out as gently as he could and collapsed next to his lover. The oil was everywhere, its heady scent mixing with the musk of sweat and sex. Ezio could feel the greasiness on his thighs and hands, and other places where it had dripped, but after a half-hearted attempt to wipe one hand on the sheet, he decided he was too gloriously content to care. Leonardo must have felt the same because he rolled on his side and leaned close for a kiss, that sweet smile curling his lips as he pulled away. Ezio felt himself smiling back, a warm glow spreading through him that had nothing to do with the recent orgasm.

insegnante = teacher
per favore = please, cazzo = fuck
capisco = I understand
Yarnivoredivinebird on December 20th, 2010 04:09 pm (UTC)
So you know? This is one of my favorite fics ever and I'm so glad to find it here. Totally watching you from now on. I LOVE your work. <333
viva la vida: 笑wanderingflame on December 21st, 2010 01:30 am (UTC)
Yes! I remember you de-anoning to comment on this one. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and the others.

You may see some non-AC fics pop up in here but for the most part, it'll be fills from the kink meme because I can't seem to stop finding prompts that I love. XD